Welcome to the Queen’s Castle

A creative wonderland of all things artistic! I am Miss Scary Carrie, your host. Shall we begin the tour. . .

About Me.

All my life I’ve loved to create. As I grew up and learned more about different kinds of artwork and mediums it became harder and harder for me to stick to one!

I find myself mostly creating illustration, Fashion/Cosplay, Logos/Graphic Design, Music, Modeling, Creative Directing, Organizing Event, and Shibari! 

Want to hear all about how I got to where I am today, the people who have influenced me over the years, and what I have planned for the future? . . .

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What I can offer:

  Artwork and Illustrations 

  Shibari – Private photo shoots, live performances, private lessons, etc

Modeling – Fine arts, editorial, alternative, cosplay, gothic/horror, etc

  Event Planning and Organization

Whatever you’re looking for, I’ve got it covered!